The Brain Game – Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz , which is basically impossible to solve, however, the term it self defines as I’M-POSSIBLE, ha ha, its so beautiful is it! The game contains a kind of puzzle which is a great exercise to your brain and in the mean time it has a power to perplex you.

Impossible Quiz


You have answer all of the question, it is so easy as that. The questions are difficult than they appear. Some of them require your brain to think out of the box.Its seems difficult but not completely insolvable. You have three life in entire quiz, you will lose one by one life for each wrong answer. if you lost three life then its time to restart the game again.


Complete some of the question then you will be awarded with the SKIP. The skip lets you skip the question which you don’t like. Total of seven skips can be earned. In this game you will find questions which cannot be skipped and should be answered.


These questions is like count down questions ,you must answer the question within in a time before the bomb blast or else it’s game will be finished and you have to start again Seconds in a bomb question varies from 10 seconds to one second, yes!, really there are some evil bombs in the game.

Quest 51

All you need to play this game is your mouse, there will be four answer choices, you’ve to click on the one answer choice which you think is correct. On the other hand there will be no answer choices,its a challenge for a player to solve the mystery questions by searching within the game screen.
This game is designed in such a way that player would definitely lose, but get more enthusiastic to decode the puzzle each time they lose. So what are you waiting for, go give a challenge for your brain. Do not lose the chance to test yourself in Impossible Quiz 3.

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