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Let’s play wonderful TD game – Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS ZombiesPeople who are into computer games consider Plants VS Zombies as one of the most sensational games that PopCap has created. This is a tower defense type of game that is common in video games. However, it is the game’s concept and theme that can be considered as the most unique and original among the many that came out in 2009.

plantsvszombies12-cherry-bombThe ingenious and colorful ways that the layouts and the levels are presented contribute significantly to the attractiveness of the game. For those who will be playing it for the first time, think of an apocaplyse where zombies have taken over the land. The protaganist in this story, is you, the player. You are a homeowner who combats these zombies using different types of plants. The most popular and common image is the sunflower, which is widely used in the marketing of the game.

Here are some of the ways you can optimize your chances to excel in the game.

plantsvszombies12-Gargantuar> Make sure to plant as many sunflowers as you can, given that the sunlight which your sunflowers can produce, is your key to buying the necessary plants you need for the real combat in defending your home and yourself. It will also do you good if you use sunflowers in an evening layout, where you will definitely have more need for sun.

plantsvszombies12-jalapeno> Do not underestimate the powers of the wall-nuts. These are your must-have plants especially for those zombies that are coming towards you in your weak area. Wall-nuts buy you the time that you need in making sure your plant weapons like the pea shooters for instance, inflict enough damage to kill these zombies.

plantsvszombies12-peashooter> For several waves of zombies, you may need a plant ammunition that has a stronger exploding effect. This is what your planted cherry bombs are for. You will be able to inflict maximum damage on these crowds of zombies that you want to get rid of in an instant. However, you need to use your cherry bombs wisely since recharging takes time.Once you waste them, you might not be able to use one when you seriously need it.

plantsvszombies12-sunflowers> There might be a time wherein you think that certain plants are not where they should be. Even while the zombies are making their way towards you and you can still think of a better strategy, don’t hesitate to do something about it. Make sure you have your shovel ready and do some rush planting of wall-nuts at the front liners, and probably do some planting of sunflowers at the back of the line.

plantsvszombies12-wall-nuts> One powerful plant that you must have at your disposal is the Chili Pepper or the Jalapeno. One of the most challenging and difficult zombies to defeat is the Gargantuar, but you don’t have to worry. As long as you have the Chili Pepper, your chances of killing this zombie becomes much higher. In fact, it also has almost the same characteristic of the Cherry Bomb,where it can take out a whole line or crowd of zombies in one attack.

In this funny tower defense style of game, you can’t have too much of seeds. Just always remember that the more lines of plants you have, the more likely you will succeed in the game and get rid of these terrifying and cannibal zombies.