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So you want to Play Tank Trouble 4?

Being the latest version of the Tank games, Tank Trouble unblocked game has come with a whole vast of improvements. This game can be played by up to 3 people. This game is not only improved, but it’s also free online and does not require any registration of membership. The game is very user friendly, well structured, has upgraded graphics with great performance and speed improvements as compared to its predecessors.

So you want to Play Tank Trouble 4?Instructions of the game

This is a shooting game hence all that is required is the mastery in shooting the enemy who emerges from different directions. Your fundamental mission is to totally destroy the enemy. In every battle, there is a winner, and thus, after destroying the enemy, you emerge the winner.

The beauty of Tank Trouble 4 is that there are a whole set of different weapons from which a player can select from. It is therefore important to try all of them to find which one of the weapons is suitable for you and that you can easily handle comfortably.

In the many levels, you are required to guide the tank well, which can make it even easier to play. However, please know that the level of challenges become tougher as you go from one level to another and through the maze layouts. The challenge is to avoid being shot at all costs.

Play with speed, focus and with strength and a unity of one purpose. If you are shot, the game ends.

The beauty of this game is that you can play it against yourself, another friend or even two more friends. To make it very amazing, playing against 2 friends would just be great. This would make you understand exactly what the developers had in mind when they were creating this game. When you are playing against yourself, who is not as interesting, the main enemy would be Laika. In order to win in this tank game vs Laika, the enemy has to be killed and completely destroyed in so many locations in the maps.

tankvstankHow to Control The Game

The controls are handy when playing with friends. They include:

· Mouse (movement): it is for player 3. If it is clicked, it shoots.

· Arrow Keys (Movement): It is for player 2 and letter M is used to shoot

· Letters E, S, D and F (Movement) for player 1 and Q is for shooting

Through constant practice, it becomes easy to learn how to coordinate the keys. The maps host different players while tanks will come in different sizes and colors.

If you consider play Tank Trouble 4, it is interesting, and it would even be more exciting if you are playing 3 people.