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Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked version review

The Unblocked SSF has spawned an immense fan base following its official release. This fighting game is designed such that when a character is attacked, the damage steadily accumulates and percentage value increases. The higher this figure is, the easier it is for your player to be knocked out.

Super Smash Bros

Gameplay and controls

The main objective is to knock your opponents out of play. Characters are given a percentile counter instead of the more conventional health bar, this steadily increases with time as they encounter damage. Higher damage ratio means that attacks would be more brutal, something that can ultimately led to a TKO.
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In terms of controls, A, D, S and W buttons have been assigned to Player 1 movements while arrow keys move the second player. P and O keys still remain under the First Player’s possession, however O key is for making special moves or activating Final Smash sets. Other useful controls include P for standard attacks, I for shield and 1 for taunting the opponent. Nevertheless, players still have the option of customizing their controls from the menu box.

unblocked version

Game mode

Super Smash Flash 2 unblocked features certain standard multiplayer battles, which are waged both against other contestants using that similar machine and computer-simulated characters with difficulty levels that can be configured.

Additionally, the multiplayer mode has been rebooted by allowing 4-player entries as opposed to 2 in the previous model. Apart from improved camera systems which follow each player during action, there are other unique ‘game modifiers’ that have been added such as Mini, Turbo and Slow which can be applied to each specific match.

Similarly, players can fight online against opponents via a proprietary software app dubbed ‘McLeodGaming Network.’ all connections are automatically configured with proprietary Adobe RTMFP technologies, unless of course a ‘high latency’ setting is chosen. There are about 33 characters in this game with each displaying unique abilities, some of the most popular characters include Cloud, Captain Falcon, Kirby, F-Zero and Bowser amongst others. Also if you like Fighting games try Electric Man  at http://electricman.games you will not regret.