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Return Man 3 – What you should know

How to create epic, super, mega, popular flash game? Answer is simple, combine sports and games, add to it attractive visual graphics and realistic sounds and that’s it! Simple isn’t it? However, very few games handle this job, and those which handle become extremely popular online, Return Man 3 Unblocked is one of them and Gunblood as well.

return man 3

Return Man 3 is football flash game with clear objective and enjoyable gameplay, this game was made by ESPN and it is third version, previous versions are pretty good as well and I really encourage you to give them a try.

So in this game your main objective is to score touchdown, in order to do so you will first have to pick up the ball and after that run across the field, be carefully because opposite team will try to stop you. Games starts with 3vs3 mode, you and your two team mates and opposite team with three players as well, your team will try to protect you, but you still have to be very careful and dodge all incoming attacks, remember your number one task is to score touchdown and nothing else, stick to your mission and it is more likely that you will succeed in this game.

In higher levels game gets really difficult and in order to escape being tackled game offers you special moves (or special abilities, call whatever you want them), these moves must be unlocked and they are very important, in fact I will tell you that without these special abilities you want be able to finish all levels in the game successfully, but except unlocking these moves you have to also learn how to use them and when.

Levels of the game change eventually, sometimes you will see snow or other weather conditions, this makes game more interesting in my opinion.

Now let’s see what controls of the game are:

I – Run forward.
J – Run left.
K – Run down.
L – Run right.

Special moves can be activated by the following buttons: A, S, and D. I will also list what kind of special moves you have, hope it will help you: Juke, Stiff Arm, Afterburner, Front flip, Ankle breaker, Hurdle and Spin.

I guess that is all what I wanted to tell you about Return Man 3, my site – AngelFriend is dedicated to this game and I really hope that you will enjoy it. If you have any questions I encourage you to leave them below using Facebook comments, we will answer them as soon as possible, meanwhile Good Luck & Have Fun.

return man 3 gameplay

Enjoy Return Man 3 from AngelFriend

Amazing football game from ESPN – Return Man 3, promises to be very entertaining and interesting, new levels, new special moves and improved gameplay.

Essential Information On How To Play Return Man 6 Online


Do you have any intention to be familiar with the Return Man 6 – Wideout flash game? You are actually at the proper place in case the answer is affirmative. This particular flash game is a fantastic ESPN game, as well as, an up-to-date version of the Return Man games series. This game offers you virtually all the thrill, as well as entertainment, of being an NFL receiver. It will be your obligation as a player to evade defenders by operating in the best route, maneuvering in and out of the group of players and eventually wind up with a touchdown catch.

Essential Information On How To Play Return Man 6 OnlineReturn Man 6 Game 

The instructions of this popular flash game are uncomplicated and this makes the game more pleasurable and effortless to enjoy. Catching the touchdown passes is the primary objective of the game. The initial step in the game is to line up. After this, you are going to be allotted a running route which will incorporate drags, fades, posts or hitches. The fundamental purpose here would be to pursue the path to the yellow circle (exactly where the ball is going to be thrown). You need to get the better of the defenders during this process so that you can collect the ball. The correct and best method to negotiate through the path would be to follow the meticulously positioned green dots. The perfect route to use in the direction of the yellow circle is indicated by the green dots. As soon as you reach there, make certain you catch the ball. You can still have 4 more tries should you miss it, and, therefore, you have no reason to be worried. Just remember that a player is offered 5 attempts for catching the ball per play. You will be provided a choice of storing the scores locally or online once the game is finished.

Game controls 

Return Man 6 makes use of keyboard-based controls which make the flash game convenient to enjoy. Those keyboard controls comprise of:

  • Key I: run forward 
  • Key J: run left 
  • Key K: run back 
  • Key L: run right 
  • Space key: catch a pass 
  • Key A: jump catch 
  • Key S: for after burner 
  • Arrow keys: 

– Upper arrow key performs the identical job as key I 

– Down arrow key does the identical job as key K

– Left arrow key performs the similar task as key J 

– Right arrow key performs the same task as key L 


Return Man 6 – Wideout is perfect for all individuals regardless of which age group they belong to. Those persons who are fond of football are able to play the same game and also compete for the maximum scores. You cannot find any undesirable language or abuse involved with this version of the Return Man games series which makes it a family friendly flash game.