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World Of Solitaire – Game Set Up

World Of Solitaire Far from Klondike or any other card game, Word of Solitaire is a flash player game that makes it possible to play the classic game of solitaire right from your browser. The game is so known worldwide; it’s in fact the first game people think of whenever they are on short break from work.

Game Set Up

As with many other card games, World of solitaire has 7 columns of cards, with the first column arriving with one card facing up, the second one two cards but with one facing up and the other one down, and the remaining columns following the pattern all the way to the 7th column where six cards face down and one face up.

The player has four spaces at the top right side of the screen for pulling all the cards away as they move along, with the remaining pack of cards placed at the left hand side of the game screen for them to draw additional cards from.

Game Moves

The goal of the player should be to remove all the cards on the table. This can be done by sorting up all the cards by alternate colors and value.

Take the black four as an example. The card can be moved and placed on top of red six, whereas the red queen can be moved and placed on top of black king.

Only the top cards can be moved. The player is also expected to start the game by placing the cards into the four slots found at the top right side of the screen, but starting with the aces first.

If a player happens to run out of cards, they can reach for additional cards at the deck, which they can thereafter use to free up all the cards facing down.

cardsGraphics and Controls

The World of Solitaire card game is a smooth and definitely one of the simplest game to play. It’s not flashy, but the graphics are designed to match the game’s taste.

For controls, all you need is a mouse to move the cards and place them wherever you want them to go.