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Enjoying Computer Games The Way 90s Kids Do

Enjoying Computer Games The Way 90s Kids Do
For the 90s kid, computer game characters like super Mario, Sonic and Megaman are major things that made our childhood meaningful. Fortunately, developers have created a way to twist our favorite childhood superheroes and bring them back to life. They successfully restored the excitement of playing simple and uncomplicated games. Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 and Crunchball 3000 are the second part of the simple game featuring some of the classic characters that we met in the 90s – Son Gokou, Super Mario, Sonic and Mega-man, among others.

The game can be in a battle mode game between and among characters from different anime and gaming world. The player can select a particular character that he may use throughout. An adventure mode is also available for the user. However, this will only work once the player has achieved level 4 in the battle mode. For beginners, Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 also offers a training mode where the player can practice his skills, particularly the controls, which may require a little getting used to, as it utilizes keyboard instead of joystick we once had during the 90s.

The player would have to use the mouse and other keyboard keys to execute commands and control his character. By default, keyboard key O is used to make the character jump, while P is for attack. The player may nonetheless change the configuration of the controls at the settings to his convenience. The arrow keys are also utilized for character mobility.

The game is a multi-player-enabled game allowing you to fight other characters through your friends. But of course, single option is always available where you will be up against a computer. Similarly, a single player can play the adventure mode as well.

As the game progresses, the character also develops. A certain level will allow the player to jump through different other levels and enjoy the game just the same. The game also allows the player to collect the bonuses as they increase levels. Bonuses can likewise be collected at the training mode for an excellent performance.

The feel, looks and, to a certain extent, the abilities of the characters are closely similar to the way battle modes were done for games in the 90s. Though a bit lagging behind to the latest and graphic-intensive online games we have today, the simplicity of the game is what captured its users. No complicated stuff, just playing and enjoying the games the way most of us used to enjoy some 2 decades ago. Next version of the game you can find here .

World Of Solitaire – Game Set Up

World Of Solitaire Far from Klondike or any other card game, Word of Solitaire is a flash player game that makes it possible to play the classic game of solitaire right from your browser. The game is so known worldwide; it’s in fact the first game people think of whenever they are on short break from work.

Game Set Up

As with many other card games, World of solitaire has 7 columns of cards, with the first column arriving with one card facing up, the second one two cards but with one facing up and the other one down, and the remaining columns following the pattern all the way to the 7th column where six cards face down and one face up.

The player has four spaces at the top right side of the screen for pulling all the cards away as they move along, with the remaining pack of cards placed at the left hand side of the game screen for them to draw additional cards from.

Game Moves

The goal of the player should be to remove all the cards on the table. This can be done by sorting up all the cards by alternate colors and value.

Take the black four as an example. The card can be moved and placed on top of red six, whereas the red queen can be moved and placed on top of black king.

Only the top cards can be moved. The player is also expected to start the game by placing the cards into the four slots found at the top right side of the screen, but starting with the aces first.

If a player happens to run out of cards, they can reach for additional cards at the deck, which they can thereafter use to free up all the cards facing down.

cardsGraphics and Controls

The World of Solitaire card game is a smooth and definitely one of the simplest game to play. It’s not flashy, but the graphics are designed to match the game’s taste.

For controls, all you need is a mouse to move the cards and place them wherever you want them to go.

Essential Information On How To Play Return Man 6 Online


Do you have any intention to be familiar with the Return Man 6 – Wideout flash game? You are actually at the proper place in case the answer is affirmative. This particular flash game is a fantastic ESPN game, as well as, an up-to-date version of the Return Man games series. This game offers you virtually all the thrill, as well as entertainment, of being an NFL receiver. It will be your obligation as a player to evade defenders by operating in the best route, maneuvering in and out of the group of players and eventually wind up with a touchdown catch.

Essential Information On How To Play Return Man 6 OnlineReturn Man 6 Game 

The instructions of this popular flash game are uncomplicated and this makes the game more pleasurable and effortless to enjoy. Catching the touchdown passes is the primary objective of the game. The initial step in the game is to line up. After this, you are going to be allotted a running route which will incorporate drags, fades, posts or hitches. The fundamental purpose here would be to pursue the path to the yellow circle (exactly where the ball is going to be thrown). You need to get the better of the defenders during this process so that you can collect the ball. The correct and best method to negotiate through the path would be to follow the meticulously positioned green dots. The perfect route to use in the direction of the yellow circle is indicated by the green dots. As soon as you reach there, make certain you catch the ball. You can still have 4 more tries should you miss it, and, therefore, you have no reason to be worried. Just remember that a player is offered 5 attempts for catching the ball per play. You will be provided a choice of storing the scores locally or online once the game is finished.

Game controls 

Return Man 6 makes use of keyboard-based controls which make the flash game convenient to enjoy. Those keyboard controls comprise of:

  • Key I: run forward 
  • Key J: run left 
  • Key K: run back 
  • Key L: run right 
  • Space key: catch a pass 
  • Key A: jump catch 
  • Key S: for after burner 
  • Arrow keys: 

– Upper arrow key performs the identical job as key I 

– Down arrow key does the identical job as key K

– Left arrow key performs the similar task as key J 

– Right arrow key performs the same task as key L 


Return Man 6 – Wideout is perfect for all individuals regardless of which age group they belong to. Those persons who are fond of football are able to play the same game and also compete for the maximum scores. You cannot find any undesirable language or abuse involved with this version of the Return Man games series which makes it a family friendly flash game.

Let’s play wonderful TD game – Plants VS Zombies

Plants VS ZombiesPeople who are into computer games consider Plants VS Zombies as one of the most sensational games that PopCap has created. This is a tower defense type of game that is common in video games. However, it is the game’s concept and theme that can be considered as the most unique and original among the many that came out in 2009.

plantsvszombies12-cherry-bombThe ingenious and colorful ways that the layouts and the levels are presented contribute significantly to the attractiveness of the game. For those who will be playing it for the first time, think of an apocaplyse where zombies have taken over the land. The protaganist in this story, is you, the player. You are a homeowner who combats these zombies using different types of plants. The most popular and common image is the sunflower, which is widely used in the marketing of the game.

Here are some of the ways you can optimize your chances to excel in the game.

plantsvszombies12-Gargantuar> Make sure to plant as many sunflowers as you can, given that the sunlight which your sunflowers can produce, is your key to buying the necessary plants you need for the real combat in defending your home and yourself. It will also do you good if you use sunflowers in an evening layout, where you will definitely have more need for sun.

plantsvszombies12-jalapeno> Do not underestimate the powers of the wall-nuts. These are your must-have plants especially for those zombies that are coming towards you in your weak area. Wall-nuts buy you the time that you need in making sure your plant weapons like the pea shooters for instance, inflict enough damage to kill these zombies.

plantsvszombies12-peashooter> For several waves of zombies, you may need a plant ammunition that has a stronger exploding effect. This is what your planted cherry bombs are for. You will be able to inflict maximum damage on these crowds of zombies that you want to get rid of in an instant. However, you need to use your cherry bombs wisely since recharging takes time.Once you waste them, you might not be able to use one when you seriously need it.

plantsvszombies12-sunflowers> There might be a time wherein you think that certain plants are not where they should be. Even while the zombies are making their way towards you and you can still think of a better strategy, don’t hesitate to do something about it. Make sure you have your shovel ready and do some rush planting of wall-nuts at the front liners, and probably do some planting of sunflowers at the back of the line.

plantsvszombies12-wall-nuts> One powerful plant that you must have at your disposal is the Chili Pepper or the Jalapeno. One of the most challenging and difficult zombies to defeat is the Gargantuar, but you don’t have to worry. As long as you have the Chili Pepper, your chances of killing this zombie becomes much higher. In fact, it also has almost the same characteristic of the Cherry Bomb,where it can take out a whole line or crowd of zombies in one attack.

In this funny tower defense style of game, you can’t have too much of seeds. Just always remember that the more lines of plants you have, the more likely you will succeed in the game and get rid of these terrifying and cannibal zombies.